We were approached by the team at Christian Louboutin to create an amazing Vegas-inspired typographical installation.

Gorgeous shoes and handbags sit amongst giant lit letters spelling out Christian Louboutin. Each letter has it’s own story to tell and can be traced back to original Vegas signage. After a lot of typographical experimentation we laser cut a 1:10 scale models in acrylic to get a real understanding for proportion, lighting configuration and colours.

After much fine adjustment and development with the Louboutin creatives we went into production. We had metalworkers fold, roll and weld the stainless steel shells. The lights are a mix of Pygmy and Golfball bulbs, 4 different colours of neon, backlit perspex and crystal Cabochon. To make sure the window all came together beautifully each letter was powder coated in a rich, bright and glossy colour to match a shoe or a bag in Christian Louboutin’s current collection.

Photography by Susie Rea